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Award-winning B2B films
for industry leaders

Our B2B image films reduce distribution costs worldwide by up to -15%!

B2B video storytelling for international use

As a multiple award-winning B2B film producer, Gregor Jasch uses proven methodology to produce corporate and image films with concise brand messages to accelerate order clarification as well as to effectively counteract the shortage of skilled workers. Screenings take place as part of supervised presentations to break the ice and get the conversation going....


By quickly building trust and distinctiveness, international sales costs are reduced and employer branding is effectively supported. 


We produce with mixed crews from Vienna and Berlin.

How to benefit from excellent B2B business films

Maximize your B2B success with strategic business films

In our interconnected business world, business films are not a luxury but a necessity for B2B industry leaders. They go far beyond the boundaries of traditional marketing and serve as influential communication tools that not only position the brand globally, but also play a crucial role in optimizing distribution costs and achieving strategic business goals.

Reduce international distribution costs

A professionally produced business film can significantly increase efficiency in international sales. It makes it possible to build trust within minutes and present the brand in an unmistakable way. This reduces the need for numerous preliminary discussions and facilitates the transition to business negotiations. By dispensing with language-specific versions and focusing on visual communication, the film enables a far-reaching market approach, resulting in a more cost-effective use of marketing budgets.

Strengthen your employer branding

In today's highly competitive job market, it is crucial to stand out as an attractive employer. A global business film can significantly improve your employer branding by providing authentic insights into your corporate culture and the career opportunities on offer. It not only appeals to potential new employees, but also strengthens the commitment and satisfaction of your existing workforce. A positive side effect is the influence on the family environment of employees, which can positively support the decision to change jobs.

Secure your technological leadership

For companies in technology-intensive industries, it is essential to demonstrate their innovative strength and technological expertise. A business film provides the ideal stage to effectively present technological advances and technical expertise, claim leadership in your field and strengthen the trust of your customers and business partners.

Speed up approval processes

In the B2B world, lengthy purchasing and approval processes are commonplace. A business film can speed up these processes by quickly and effectively providing decision-makers with the information they need to drive the project forward.

Support your new business development

A business film is a powerful tool in new business development. It emphasizes the uniqueness of your offer, arouses the interest of potential new customers and business partners and thus contributes to strategic business development.

A global business film is more than just a marketing tool; it is a strategic investment that helps B2B industry leaders compete in today's visually-driven business world and ensure long-term success. Through the targeted use of this powerful communication tool, companies can strengthen their international presence, optimize distribution costs, improve their employer branding, strengthen their technological leadership position and effectively generate new business.

Shooting conditions on the set

References B2B industry films

Function: International storytelling with homogeneous brand messages, acceleration of order clarification

B2B image films for rapid order clarification


Function: Consolidation of pole position as attractive employer as well as use as international corporate film

Employer Branding
B2B corporate films


Function: Take over technical topic leadership in the area of roll forming and profiling

B2B technology films
B2B CGI animations


Function: Explanation of the renewable energy market segment as well as building international brand awareness.

B2B Brand Films
B2B After Effects Movies


Function: Product launch of Eaton xEffect Digital RCDs in modern edutainment format

B2B product films
B2B Stop Motion FIlms


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My consulting focus

During the transformation, we learn that all possibilities are in our hands. We develop a plan together and support you in implementing it.

Business & Mindset Strategie


So that the idea determines the coincidence and not the other way around, we develop particularly creative and effective ideas and strategies for your business together.

ideas & Business development


Bekannte Marken sind wie erfolgreiche Menschen, sie machen klar wofür sie stehen und entwickeln in kürzester Zeit Vertrauen und Unverwechselbarkeit.

Positioning & (Personal) branding


We develop a modular text construction kit for your brand messages and stage them for all touchpoints on the customer journey.

Storytelling, Film & Staging


As a long-standing partner of the WIX website builder, we create your website with all the necessary functions such as e-commerce, appointment bookings and much more.

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